PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster Update

The Microsoft Flight Simulator Team has released a Comment about the PMDG DC-6 Problems on Xbox Console.

The Message the Team released reads as the following:

PMDG DC-6 Update – Community / News and Announcements – Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago, we released PMDG’s Douglas DC-6 in the Marketplace for both PC and Xbox users. We are very excited to have this excellent product by PMDG in our Marketplace and see that many of you are enjoying the experience of flying this sophisticated, highly capable airliner on the PC.

Unfortunately, an issue was identified that required the product to be pulled from the Marketplace for Xbox. We want to make sure that the experience of this aircraft is great when it arrives on Xbox, but it will likely take a few more months to achieve that. We apologize for the delay but are determined to ensure high quality. We’d like to offer refunds for PMDG’s DC-6 on Xbox for those who already bought the product and are unable to play at this time. If you purchased this aircraft for Xbox, please create a Zendesk ticket indicating you would like a refund, and we will refund the purchase.

Thank you for your patience as we work to get PMDG’s DC-6 back into the Marketplace for Xbox users as soon as possible. If there are any further updates, we will be sure to communicate them out.

Everyone hoping for a quick fix for the DC-6 seems to need more patience. According to the statement the Team gave it will take a few more month to fix it.

However for everyone that purchased the Addon on Xbox, it can be refunded through a Zen Dest Ticket. Visit the following Link to create a Ticket asking about your refund:


For everyone wondering what exactly happened with this Addon Aircraft, here´s a short Summary:

Flight Sim Addon creator PMDG (Precision Manuals Development Group) is a well known and highly rated developer for Addon Aircraft / Scenery for various Flight Sim Platforms.

At the end of November PMDG released the DC-6-Cloudmaster for MSFS in the Marketplace. The Addon was available for PC and Xbox platforms of the Simulator. That marked the first release of a Study Level Aircraft to a Console platform aswell as PMDG´s first Console Release for one of their products.

Unfortunately shortly after the release and the first purchases of the Aircraft on Xbox PMDG got notified about Problems. Most levers, switches and knobs cant be used on the Xbox Version which left the Aircraft unusable.

After collecting Information and contacting Microsoft / Asobo / Xbox about the issue it was found to be a Simulator problem of some kind on the Xbox Platform. The issue for some reason didnt occur on the Q&A Xbox Consoles and only surfaced on retail kits.

The Aircraft has been pulled out of the Xbox Marketplace for the time beeing until the issue can be fixed by the MSFS Team.


  • michael
    Posted 30. March 2022 21:12 0Likes

    The dc-6 was almost ready. So why would it take so long to fix? Its been like four months and no word on her progress. Why is this a secret? I heard its all hands on deck for the next one a 737 or what ever. NO way ANYONE should buy the new one if the older one doesn’t work. And if it doesn’t are they AGAIN going to put the broken one on the back burner to make the next one. Actions speak louder than words. Please bring her back to Xbox soon.


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