World Update 13 released for MSFS

On April 25th, Microsoft and Asobo have released World Update 13 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

World Update 13 is focused on Oceania and Antartica. The following description comes directly from MS/Asobo:

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s World Update XIII includes Polynesia (Hawaii and Easter Island), Melanesia (Fiji, New Caledonia, New Guinea, Indonesia’s West Papua, and the Solomon Islands), the Galapagos Islands and key regions of Antarctica, notably the Antarctic Peninsula. The update provides a total of 13 countries and 28 non-sovereign territories, many with improved resolution that will allow pilots to experience stunning new vistas throughout these regions. The release is based on the latest aerial photographs, satellite imagery, and digital elevation modelling data. There is an updated height field for Hawaii and features the city of Honolulu with dozens of handmade buildings.

For a full list of all 150 Points of Interests that ORBX has contributed for the World Update take a look on the full Article over on the Flight Simulator Website which can be found on the bottom of this Article.

Along with the World Update, a small Update for the Flight Simulator itself was released that fixes a few bugs and updates the AIRAC Cycle to 2304. The Changes included are following:

Airbus A310-300:

  • Fixed crash to desktop experienced by some users
  • Fixed wing rear nav lights being too bright


  • Fixed a minor terraforming issue at LFPG
  • Windsock heading issue fixed on generic airports


  • AIRAC cycle update 2304


  • Fixed an issue where the Add-on Support DLC would not activate in Offline Mode even if it was previously installed.
  • Fixed an issue where players on XBox would need to reboot their game to have functionnal aircraft when the Add-on Support DLC was still installing or updating during game launch.

Source: World Update XIII: Oceania Now Available – Microsoft Flight Simulator

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