Turtle Beach VelocityOne Rudder Review

A picture showing the VelocityOne Rudder giving a right rudder input
Turtle Beach VelocityOne Rudder Review
The VelocityOne Rudder expands perfectly the already released VelocityOne Flight. Features like adjustable width, interchangeable springs and pedals to customize the feel and resistance of the Pedals make them unique among the Competition. While the Price is quite high compared to the VelocityOne Flight, you get a solid, robust and customizable package which is quite worth it if you are looking to further enhance your flight experience. The only downside for Console users is that you are not able to use the Pedals standalone as they need to be connected to the VelocityOne Flight.
Overall Feel
Rudder Responsiveness
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The Pros
Interchangeable Springs to adjust the Rudder resistance
Interchangeable Pedals for GA / Airliners
Adjustable width
Solid feel
Smooth Rudder Axis
Best Rudder Pedals currently available on Console
The Cons
On Xbox only usuable with the VelocityOne Flight
Steep price compared to the VelocityOne Flight
Overall Rating

After releasing the “VelocityOne Flight” to some success, Turtle Beach is releasing its second Flight Sim related Product. The VelocityOne Rudder will expand the already released Yoke with a set of Rudder Pedals to further enhance the immersion of flying from home.

The VelocityOne Rudder releases on October 31st 2022 for Xbox Series X/S and PC. For this review, as always, we take a look at the Pedals on the Xbox Series Consoles.

Whats in the Box?

The VelocityOne Rudder comes in a packaging similar to the V1F. All fits and sits nicely in the package. But what exactly is included?

  • The VelocityOne Rudder
  • 4 Interchangable Pedals (2 already mounted / 2 for swapping)
  • 4 Interchangeable Springs to adjust the Pedals push resistance (2 already fitted inside the unit / 2 for swapping)
  • 4x M4 screws
  • 8x Grip Pads
  • 1x 2m USB-A to USB-C Cable (for PC users)
  • 1x 2.5m USB-C to USB-C Pass-Through Cable (for Xbox Users)
  • 5x Cable Binders
  • 1x Quick Start Guide

The Set-up

The Pedals can be integrated in your existing stand or put directly down to the floor.

If put down on the Floor the included Grip Pads can be used on the Pedals to give them a good stand. However depending on your surface they can still slip around when giving rudder inputs, which might will push them further away from your feet.

Integrating the pedals into your existing stand or getting a stand for your Pedals and other Flight Sim Hardware is recommended.

I mounted the Pedals onto a Wheelstand Pro V2 for Logitech Saitek Controls which already had my V1F mounted to it. The Pedals dont fit the stand directly as it simply wasnt designed for that, but with the included screws and a bit of craftsmanship they can be easily mounted into any existing setups with no problems.

On Console the Pedals connect easily with the included Pass-Through-Cable to the VelocityOne Flight. A Button with an accompanied LED lets you easily switch the Input Mode between Console and PC.

For everyone that was maybe looking forward to use the VelocityOne Pedals with other Hardware, like the Thrustmaster Hotas One, and hoped beeing able to connect them directly to the Console might be a bit disappointed. The VelocityOne Pedals need the VelocityOne Flight on Console to work.

The Yoke needs Firmware 1.3.0 or greater to Support the Pedals. If you are running an older Firmware you need to update your VelocityOne Flight system. On the Yoke´s FMD use the arrow keys to navigate to “06: Accessories” and activate the Pedals once connected.

You should also check if there´s a Firmware Update for the Pedals in the Turtle Beach Control Center App.

Rudder Handling and Features

The first thing you notice when unpacking the Pedals is that they have some weight. They feel pretty solid and well manufactured. While most of the upper parts of the Pedals are covered in plastic, underneath that you have a sturdy metal construction that should ensure a long life for your Hardware.

To bind the Pedals in MSFS you just need to go into the Control options, select the “VelocityOne Flight” and search for the Rudder Axis. Simply Scanning for input and moving the rudder will bind them. The same applies to the brakes. The process is pretty easy and straight forward.

On your flights you experience a smooth rudder axis aswell as a good feeling of the toe brakes. You dont have any problems making smooth rudder inputs. Because of the solid feel you dont need to have any fear when making harder rudder inputs if needed.

You can easily adjust the width of the pedals by reaching under them on the sides and pressing down a button. Each side can be adjusted into 5 fixed witdh positions depening on your preference. This works of course even when the Pedals are screwed down to your Stand as long as the rudder sides are free underneath.

One of the unique features Turtle Beach included for their Rudder, which makes them stand out from the Competition, is the ability to change the Rudder resistance. If you feel that you need too much force to move the Pedals and would prefer a lighter feel, you can easily swap out the springs of the Pedals. Coming with an additional 2 springs in the package which feature a lighter resistance, you can customize the feel of the Pedals. With the included Allen Key Tool and the Quick Start Guide you can easily remove the springs and swap them to the other included ones. Personally i prefered the lighter springs during my flying sessions.

Another great feature are the interchangeable Pedals. You can swap the larger ones to smaller steeper ones which resemble the Pedals of GA Aircraft. Again you are able to customize your Pedals to your likings and find the Pedals you feel most comfortable with or change them regulary depending on the Aircraft you are flying.

The Pedals are large enough to comfortably fit even bigger sized feet on them.

All in all the Rudder feels pretty great while flying and really enhances the simulation experience. Along with the changeable pedals and springs they are among some of the best pedals on the market and the best pedals available on Console.

Price, Availability and Dimensions

With the VelocityOne Rudder Turtle Beach has again delivered a very competitive and solid product for the Flight Sim Market.

The Pedals dimensions are:

  • Width range (adjustable): 486.2mm to 386.2mm
  • Length of the base: 489.3mm
  • Height: 223.2mm

They are priced at 299.99$ / 299,99€ / £249.99.

The availability depends on your region and stock, its best to check the Turtle Beach Website to get the latest Information about availability.

Product Page: https://www.turtlebeach.com/products/velocity-one-rudder-pedals

Image Source: Turtle Beach / console-simulators.com

Note: We received the product for testing purposes.

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