Train Sim Word 2 – Update 31/03/2022

A new Update for Train Sim World 2 has been released.

The Update contains fixes for the newly released Luzern-Susree route aswell as updates for preservation routes.

The Update should be available on your Consoles in the next 24 hours .


– Added Mastery decals as rewards for the community anniversary challenge.

Luzern – Sursee
– Updated Train glass to make it more transparent.
– Updated missing audio crowd noise for Notwil Station.
– Updated position of billboards on platforms at Emmenbrucke Station, and removed 2. billboards that were not needed.
– Updated platform sign at Sursee station to read 1D instead of 2D.
– Updated Route name in the Main Menu to be – S-Bahn Zentralschweiz.
– Updated timetable to improve ‘dispatch beyond stop’ to remove unnecessary red signals.
– Removed Livery Designer functionality for the SBB RABe 532. Due to licensing requirements, it has been removed.

Tees Valley Line
– Tees Valley Line now has Rush Hour passengers.
– Added Contact Signaller functionality to signals with telephones on the posts.
– Added updated wiper functionality on the BR Class 37 to improve the Rail Driver experience.
– Updated the ability to climb up all platforms along their entire length.
– Updated the route to include the improved skybox implementation.
– Updated Middlesbrough and Saltburn spawn on foot locations to be nearer the PIS screens to better aid in determining what trains are operating.
– Added Dovetail Live Mastery reward and related decal set when completing the challenges.
– Updated the lighting effects at Darlington so that it’s now more consistent during all conditions.
– Improvements to the track so that it now renders further away from camera and blends smoothly into textures over distance.
– Added working level crossing to various locations across the route.
– Updated the weather during the Last Resort, Tubeliner Diversion and Three Becomes Two scenarios from lightly raining to full rain.
– Added Livery Designer functionality to the BR Class 101 DMU.
– Added specific Scenario Planner formations for the Class 101 DMU and removed formations not intended for this feature.
– Updated the timetable so that all BR Class 101 services are now 2 cars and ensured customised liveries are now selectable.
– Removed the lock on the classic controller layout for Tees Valley Line, Class 20 and Class 31 gameplay.
– Added PIS support to the timetable and included virtual destinations for services operating beyond Darlington to Bishop Auckland.
– Changed the default service selection from 6:30am to 3:15pm.

Hauptstrecke München – Augsburg
– Added two scenic PZB magnets to Maisach to ensure it’s clear why there is ‘GPA’ behaviour.
– Updated various Livery Designer names so it’s easier to navigate. The menu now contains ‘MAG BR403’ and ‘MAG BR423’.
– Hauptstrecke Munchen-Augsburg now has Rush Hour passengers.
– Added Contact Signaller functionality to signals with telephones on the posts.
– Added Contact Signaller functionality to the radio in the ICE 3 – Use it by pressing the phone to the left of the driver or the appropriate button on the Rail Driver controller.

Sherman Hill
– Improved the initial state of the brakes on the SD70ACe so that is now takes less time to get moving after starting.
– Fixed inaccessible Snow Fence collectibles so that they can now be obtained.
– Updated wheat foliage so that it no longer glows.

London Commuter
– Fixed three inaccessible Poster collectibles at Earlswood, Reigate and Streatham Common.


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