Update for Lawn Mowing Simulator available

Curve Games and Skyhook Games have released a new Hotfix to Lawn Mowing Simulator. The Patch adresses several issues which should smooth out your Lawn Mowing experience.

Lawn Mowing Simulator is available in Xbox Games Pass on Xbox Series X / S for everyone that wants to take a spin in virtual Lawn Mowing.

Patch Notes Update

– Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances litter contract rewards weren’t correctly awarded 
– Updated some contracts where the camera may have clipped through terrain 
– Updated some contracts where out of bounds could be visible in the distance 
– Improved side discharge mower grass animation timings 
– Fixed an issue where the tutorial prompt wouldn’t disappear upon picking up and putting down a String Trimmer in quick succession 
– Updated litter contract value consistency 
– Fixed an issue where the purchase prompt wouldn’t disappear if the player exited the garage under certain – circumstances 
– Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck in the space between the pickup truck and the house in Miller Brook Garden 

– Fixed an issue where grass particle effects could appear in menus 
– Updated messaging for hiring employees 
– Improved messaging and functionality of the loan menus 
– Updated contract name text to avoid text being cut off in certain languages 
– Updated the pause menu to improve the look on ultrawide monitors 
– Fixed an issue where selecting new languages may change core text under certain circumstances 
– Updated the Contract preview to include attachments 
– Improved the messaging on fuel used in challenges 
– Improved the responsiveness of colour changes on the rev counter 
– Fixed an issue where some String Trimmer information was not visible in the contract setup screen 
– Setting audio to 0 and restarting the game now keeps audio at 0 

– Fixed an issue where benches would spawn multiple times on two contracts 
– Removed some graphical imperfections on brick walls in the Test Drive area 
– Improved the front wheels of the Toro Groundmaster 3300 
– Improved the look of the Toro 2000 

Source: https://curvegames.com/lawn-mowing-simulator-patch-notes/

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