Turtle Beach Velocity One Flight Review

Turtle Beach Velocity One Flight Review
The VelocityFlight One is a great Package for everyone that wants to get more out of their Flight Sim experience. Its fair price point, wide range of programmable Buttons and immersive feel makes it the perfect fit for Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Consoles.
Haptic Feel
Yoke Responsiveness
Throttle Quadrant
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The Pros
24 programmable Buttons and Switches
4 Throttle Levers / 3 Push & Pull Levers on the Throttle Quadrant fits almost every aircraft
RGB Background Lightning aswell as a LED Status Indication Panel
Trim Wheel allows for precise corrections
Easy setup and mounts to almost every surface with the Clamping System
Compact size of the whole system
The Cons
Throttle Quadrant Levers on the Top feel to light
Status Indication Display needs future Firmware Update to be functional on Xbox
Flight Management Display doesnt have much use during the actual Flight
Overall Rating

It was a bit of a suprise when Turle Beach, best known for their Gaming Headsets, announced a Flight Yoke and Throttle at E3 2020.

Since November 2021 the VelocityOne Flight is available for Xbox Series X/S and PC and marks the first Flightsim Yoke to be released on Console.

Whats in the Box?

The VelocityOne Flight comes in a nice packaging. But what exactly is included?

  • The VelocityOne Flight System (Yoke, Base and Throttle Quadrant)
  • 8x Detachable Throttle Tops
  • 3x Attachable SIP Panels
  • Desk Clamp and Tool
  • 8x Cockpit fixing Screws
  • 1m USB-C to USB-C Cable
  • 2m USB-A to USB-C Cable
  • Quick Flight Guide
  • x2 Quadrant Button Decal Sheets, SIP Decal Sheets

The Set-up

The VelocityOne Flight can be easily mounted to most Desks with the integrated Clamp System and Tool. It allows for a easy and stable integration into your Setup.

The Throttle Quadrant can be clipped into the Base or placed on its own. If you set it up on its own, it needs to be screwed to a surface for a safe stand.

The System itself is plugged into the Console with the 2m USB-A to USB-C cable and is recognized by the Xbox itself and Microsoft Flight Simulator immediately with no issues.

Yoke Handle Buttons and Features

The Flight System has a 180° degree Yoke handle which allows for a realistic feel and smooth control over your Aircraft. While the VelocityOne Flight is completely made out of Plastic it still has a nice Grip and feel and doesnt feel cheap in your Hands.

The System features 12 analog axes which allow Smooth and precise Control over the Aircraft. In the begging the Yoke feels a bit sticky but it smoothed itself out after some hours of usage.

The two 4-way Hat and 8-way POV switches are great to navigate through various camera positions within the Aircraft but can be, like any other button, mapped to your liking within the Simulator.

In addition it comes with the classic Xbox A,B,X,Y buttons on the front aswell as two more push buttons on the Yoke Handle. This allows for various functions to be mapped to quickly access various Aircraft functions.

On the back of the Yoke Handle the LB, RB, LT and RT buttons and triggers can be found. LT and RT can be used as Rudder Controls, if you dont have Rudder pedals, which work very well to keep your Plane on the Runway.

The Yoke features a full colored Flight Management Display (320px x 320px) with adjustable backlight in the middle. On that Display you can access the Settings for the LED lightning, Firmware Version along some test functions for the Yoke itself. The Display also features a stop-watch timer which unfortunately at the time of this Review isnt integrated into MSFS but works on its own to track your VFR flight for example.

Behind the Yoke Handle is the SIP (Status Indication Display). In theory it can light up in various scenarious, such as Master Warning, Master fault and to indicate whether the Gear is up or lowered. However at the time of this review a Firmware Update is needed to make this function work.

Throttle Quadrant Buttons and Features

The Throttle Quadrant features 4 Levers on top aswell as 3 pull / push levers below, a Trim Wheel on the side and 10 Buttons which allows for various configurations.

It could be set up as a Twin Engine Throttle Control aswell as Flaps, Speedbrakes on Top. The lower levers can be used for Throttle / Mixture. The 10 Buttons can be used for various functions such as Auto Pilot , Battery or whatever fits your liking.

The 4 Top Levers come with swappable tops to replicate different Aircrafts / functions. On the downside, the feel of the Levers is a bit to loose and can be disguised quite easily.

The Trim Wheel on the other side feels fantastic and allows for precise Control over the Aircraft.

A dedicated Lever for Landing Gear and Flaps would have been nice but probably have been compromised to hit the compact Size and price point.

Price, Availability and Dimensions

With the VelocityOne Flight Turle Beach has deliverd a solid first entry into the Flight Sim Market. The compact Yoke and Throttle Package comes in at L 483mm (19.01”) x W 496mm (19.5”) x H 183mm (7.2”) which should fit on a wide range of desks / stands.

Its priced at 379,95$ / 379,95€ / £349.99 which makes it the perfect fit for everybody looking to enhance their MSFS experience.

The availability is quite limited currently because of the ongoing global Pandemic and chip shortage.

Product Page: https://www.turtlebeach.com/products/velocity-one-flight

Image Source: Turtle Beach

Note: We paid and purchased the Product on our own.


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Haptic Feel
Yoke Responsiveness
Throttle Quadrant
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