Update #4 for Bus Simulator 2021 out now

Astragon and Still Alive Studios have released a new Update for Bus Simulator 2021 on Xbox and Playstation.

The Update includes various Bug fixes, Performace updates and new Features.

Bus Simulator 21 Update #4 Changelog:

Performance Improvements

– Lights on the buses have been optimized for better performance when multiple buses are rendered on screen
– Trees have been optimized for better performance in scenes where a lot of trees are rendered on screen
– Night time performance has been improved in areas with a lot of static lamps

New Features

– Customizable bus displays: LED displays of the buses are now customizable
– Static pedestrians are now visible around the map in Angel Shores to add more vibrancy to the city

Bug Fixes

– Setra S 412 UL radio issues are now fixed including fully functioning buttons
– MAN Lion’s City G A23 now correctly displays the cashier light hint
– BYD 18m radio is now useable
– Fix for BYD 12m dashboard buttons missing a material
– MAN Lion’s City G A23 ‘high beam’ button is now implemented and functional
– MAN A47 Lion’s City now displays the parking brake lever arrow correctly
– MAN A47 Lion’s City driver window now behaves correctly
– Tutorial option for Seaside Valley has been removed, so players can start playing the missions as intended
– In simplified mode the ramp of the buses can now be extended as intended
– Info cards are now displayed correctly while playing the tutorial mission of Angel Shores

Source and Image Copyright: https://www.bussimulator.com/en/updates.php

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